The story behind the name:
While the letters K R S V are derived from the first letter of the names of the founders of the organization the letter E which represents the Employees is rightly placed in the middle. The two OO represented in the form of Infinity brings to light that anything and everything is achievable with right integration in which the employees are the center fulcrum around which the business evolves.

Why Join Koovers:
    There is nothing more interesting and exciting than working for an organization which truly believes that employees are central part of their business.

    We are an organization of talented individuals who believe in delivering the wonderful experience to the customers through innovation, commitment and dedication. The joy of seeing the customer happy is the reward for the efforts we put in delivering the materials @ Right Price @ Right Time.

Perks & Benefits


World of opportunity to grow

At Koovers we believe the major motivation for an employee is the opportunity to grow.
Hence we provide opportunities across functions for individuals to explore and grow.


Open door policy

We believe that every employee can contribute to the progress of the orgnization.
If you have an idea that benefits the organization we are ready to listen an implement.


Attractive Bonus and Incentive

There is nothing like,being rewarded for a good job. Our Incentives, rewards and recognition focus both on quality as well as quantity metrics that help you to get rewarded for any great job done.


Other benefits

We believe in good work life balance.
Our Policies focus on providing an environment where employees are motivated to contribute their Best:


Competitive Pay Scale

Your pay is defined by what to deliver and your potential for higher deliverables.
We have a robust system of assessment which determines the right pay for the right person for the right job.
Our flexible composition plan helps you save tax and increases your take home salary.

Champion the


At Koovers we believe in working together and working hard. With over 5000+ happy customers, we are looking for dynamic and creative individuals who are willing to dedicate themselves to provide better service to our customers.

Small team, global mission

As a toddler we are not satisfied with taking baby steps, we want to make a presence felt at the global platform.


Get Onboard, work with India most's promising automobile startup

We look for competitive individual's who have their customer's interest at the center of the work. we hire for attitude, We believe skills can be acquired.
If you are an auto mobile enthusiast who believe in delivering world class experience to the customer, we have a place for you.